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Massey ferguson stuck (3 photos)

massey ferguson massey ferguson massey ferguson

So the neighbors thought they’d help their freinds fertalize their garden…didn’t help!

Sometime you get your tractor stuck on the farm!Tractor in mud

Case tractor on fire

It burned right to the ground.



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Got stuck 3 times (3 photos)

Got stuck in the field 3 times with the tractor




Wouldn’t be a normal day if something didn’t go wrong.


And how….? There doesn’t seem to be any dirt pushed anywhere. Quicksand?



Just a little off the top thanks…..

thought i could fit


Mini Van vs JohnDeere

Tractor Vs Minivan

Tractor Vs Minivan 2


What hole? I’ll just park her here while I go on lunch. ( might as well leave the keys in it)

what hole

Pay loader to the rescuer – well not really

Tractors stuck so let’s get the pay loader. O wait I got that stuck too. :(

Tractor struck trying to get unstuckPayloader stuck

Tractor gets stuck so the farmer gets his payloader to rescue the tractor but also gets stuck.